Bottle of Tabasco sauce finished


A stunned housewife put two drops of Tabasco into a spicy pasta sauce – and was astonished to find that the bottle was empty. “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” said Mrs Rutherford of Havant in Hampshire. “I thought I’d made a mistake, but I’d definitely used the last of the bottle.” Mrs Rutherford’s amazement was all the more when she realised that the bottle had been emptied a mere twelve years past its sell-by date.

A spokesman for the manufacturers of Tabasco sauce said they were delighted that one of their bottles had been emptied, and confirmed that they would now be stepping up production at their factory in order to cope with the expected demand, should Mrs Rutherford decide to purchase another bottle in the near future.

In a separate development nutmeg salesman have warned chefs not run out of nutmeg in the run up to the holiday period. However no new orders for nutmeg have been placed as yet.


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