k.d. lang changes name to ‘K.D. Lang’


Pop star k.d. lang has announced she is changing her name to K.D. Lang in a bid to woo more mature fans. “The lower case letters have been great for K.D.’ said her manager, “But she has grown as an artist and feels that perhaps there’s an older type of fan out there who might be more comfortable with correct punctuation. Plus it was a real pain always correcting the bank and bureaucrats or whatever.’

But the controversial name-change has caused anger with her long-standing fans. “Who the hell is this ‘K.D. Lang’, for god’s sake?’ wept one devotee from the singer’s home town of Consort, Alberta. ‘Lower case says rebellion, anti-establishment and texting. These capital letters represent a massive betrayal. I don’t care what she starts calling herself, she’ll always be k.d. lang to us’.

Meanwhile one emotional caller to a rock-music phone-in described it as one of the greatest sellouts in the history of rock and roll; ‘1958; Elvis Goes into the Army;. 1965; Dylan Goes Electric. 2006; K.D. Lang goes Upper-Case.’

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