Birdwatchers thrilled at first ever sighting of a girlfriend


Hundreds of excited twitchers converged on a remote Welsh Estuary yesterday where a fellow birdwatcher was spotted with a girlfriend. Ornithologists think this may be the first ever sighting of a birdwatcher’s girlfriend on the British mainland.

‘Isn’t she a beauty!’ said Ray Meader, 57. ‘I’ve seen drawings and photos before but I’ve never seen one for real.’ The girlfriend was clearly visible on the far shoreline; holding the hand of a young male birdwatcher, having a drink and, to the gasps of watching twitchers, giving him a kiss.

But hopes that the pair might breed in Britain were sadly dashed. After a couple of hours of being photographed and stared at by middle aged men in anoraks the girlfriend suddenly fled leaving the young male birdwatcher looking confused and disorientated for a few minutes.

Later he spotted a guillemot and perked up again.


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