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Neo-Nazi skinheads feel ‘everyone is against them’

A spokesman for a group of neo-Nazi skinheads from the former East Germany says many of his friends are suffering from depression brought on by being treated as social outcasts.

Neo Nazis‘People see the shaven head, the jackboots and the swastika tattoo on the forehead and they make all sorts of assumptions,’ said Adolf Blitzkreig (not his real name).

‘I applied for a job at Disneyland and I didn’t even get a second interview. Everyone is against us, but we’re just regular guys who just happen to love our fatherland and a certain style of retro clothing,’ he told assembled journalists at a Dresden press conference organised on the anniversary of Hitler’s birthday.

‘Why it is acceptable to be prejudiced against neo-Nazis, but not Jews, who incidentally have an international conspiracy to take over the world and organised 9/11.’

At this point there were groans from the assembled journalists who began to walk out or shout ‘Racist shithead!’

‘You see?’ blurted out an emotional Adolf. ‘You’re just the same as the rest of them.’

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Posted: Sep 15th, 2006 by NewsBiscuit

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