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Big Brother has raised public awareness of ‘vacuous people’

A poll published this week indicates that the recent series of Big Brother has done an enormous amount to raise public awareness of so-called ‘vacuous people’.

For years vacuous people have been shunned by the British public, who presumed that their empty-headed cliché-riddled monologues were down to them simply being dim, uninteresting and self-obsessed individuals.

Accepted at last

But since a number of sufferers were given the chance to compete in Big Brother, public awareness of their condition has greatly increased. ‘It’s been like, really amazing for me, like, personally…’ explained Trish McKinnon who suffers from acute inanity and self-obsession. ‘Like, before the recent series went out like, people would hear vacuous people like me, talking on the bus, yeah? And they’d just like, take an instant dislike to me, you know? But I think I’m a beautiful person, and I’m ready to find happiness, and for me, personally, where I am in my life right now, people just have to accept the real me…’

At this point the interviewer shouted ‘Oh Fuck Off!’ which Trish mistakenly put down to Tourette’s Syndrome.

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Posted: Sep 23rd, 2006 by NewsBiscuit

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