Charity launches ‘Guide Dogs for the Late’

Dog does his duties

Campaigners for people with a punctuality disorder have trained the first ever ‘Guide Dogs for the Late’.

The assistance dogs are specially trained to notice when their tardy owners start to dawdle on the way to an appointment. Their new companions then race to the appropriate destination, tugging their owners away from such time-wasting distractions as shop windows, interesting cloud formations or ‘scenic routes’.

Initial trials proved very successful. Consistently late people who had been asked to attend a ten o’clock meeting all arrived at ten o’clock despite having thought they might perhaps stop off for a coffee or top up their mobile phones on the way.

Getting her there on time This step had been promised some years ago, but the Royal Society for the Late said the delay had been unavoidable because they’d had ‘some other stuff they had to do’.

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