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MyQaeda, the popular Islamic Fundamentalist social network, has in the space of just a few years grown from being home to a few cranks and disaffected preachers, to becoming the largest website of its kind in the world.

Anyone who is anyone in the Al-Qaeda network now has a page on the site. MyQaeda allows users to build their own homepage for free, where they can list everything from their favourite chemicals to posting lengthy treatise on how the Jihad is going, and meet similar users with the same interests and targets.
Rashad Amir 22, a radical young Muslim from South Yorkshire, is a MyQaeda devotee and explains: ‘I used to think it was just me that was angry at the whole situation in Iraq and Western Imperialism and stuff, but it turns out there are loads of young people just like me all over the world.’

Bin Laden videoOsama Bin Laden, 49, is one of the success stories of MyQaeda. He posted his home video on the site and soon it was seen by millions of people across the globe. Although he uses his cult video messages to boast of terrorist outrages that will be visited upon the Great Satan of the United States, Osama stresses that for him the site is actually more of a social thing ‘I have about 233 friends on my site, but obviously that number tends to drop on a fairly regular basis.

MyQaeda is free and uncensored, but there are some limitations to what users can do. ‘For instance…’ says Rashad, ‘We always have people coming to the site seeing if they can download pictures of the prophet Mohammed, I mean, like, duh.’

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