David Blaine in gruelling attempt to watch his own stunts


Internationally renowned street magician David Blaine today officially announced his new performance stunt. David will be locked in a room and forced to watch the DVDs of all his previous stunts, back to back, 24 hours a day, for a full week.

Doctors have expressed concern that David is at risk of being ‘bored to death’ by watching himself for such a prolonged period, but Blaine believes he can survive such an ordeal.

‘I’ve been preparing myself physically for the last six months’, Blaine explained. ‘I’ve grown my finger nails really long, so that I can scratch my own eyes out if the tedium becomes unbearable.’
A live web-cam will watch David Blaine attempting to defy death by boredom but this has prompted further safety concerns. Untrained viewers experiencing even short-term exposure to Blaine’s mind-numbing stunt might be rapidly bored out of their heads.

A DVD of David Blaine watching his own DVDs will be released in time for Christmas but will come with a health warning; ‘Thinking about how much David Blaine got paid for this may cause feelings of nausea or even vomiting.’

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