Insurance assessor delighted that novelty cuff-links ‘make him a character’

Insurance assessor

Insurance executive Colin Douglas has found a way to make him stand out from all the other suited office workers at his busy workplace. Colin has taken to wearing novelty cuff-links.

‘Okay, sure, I wear a suit like everyone else, but that doesn’t make me another office clone,’ said Colin, 29. ‘If you look hard you’ll see that I’m a little bit different, a little bit off the mainstream.’

naked cufflinksColin hit upon his quirky-but-understated clothing accessory last Christmas, when he was given a pair of cuff-links that featured Tweety-Pie on one arm and Sylvester on the other. ‘Everyone in the office loved them, so it just took off from there. I have rugby ball cuff-links, naked ladies, little computer monitors. Every morning the girls in the office ask to see my novelty cufflinks and always seem really amused by my choices.’

Despite his apparently mundane job, Colin had always known that he was something of a character and had previously experimented with bow ties and then conventional ties featuring cartoon characters such as Top Cat or The Flintstones. ‘The zany ties worked for a while,’ said Colin, ‘but sometimes in this job you are dealing with families whose homes have burnt down, or someone whose husband has died of a heart attack. And it didn’t seem right to tell her that her late husband had failed to keep up his life insurance payments, wearing a tie that featured Bart Simpson saying Kiss My Butt!’

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