Identical twins in face transplant success


A pair of identical twins have had each other’s face successfully transplanted on to their own in the world’s first ever double face transplant.

The identical twins; Don and Ron Withers from Brighton, Sussex made medical history this week after undergoing twenty-two hours of surgery under anesthetic, but emerged looking fit and well with barely a mark to suggest the ground-breaking operation they had just been through. ‘It’s amazing’ said their mother Jane Withers. ‘Now Don looks like Ron and Ron looks like Don. Hopefully now they can both begin a start a completely new life with their entirely new look.’

For the past three years Mrs. Withers has fought a lone battle against the National Health Service who consistently refused to carry out the radical and very expensive operation on her two identical sons. ‘The bureaucrats and accountants in the NHS just didn’t want to know’ said Mrs. Withers. ‘One doctor even said ‘What’s the point?’ Like there’s one rule for identical twins and another rule for everybody else!’

But luckily for the Withers family, a little known Russian surgeon had read about her plight and offered to carry out the operation privately. ‘I couldn’t believe my luck when Mr. Yarov said he would be prepared to do the transplant if I could raise the necessary cash. Some people might think that half a million pounds is a lot of money for a face swap, but my two boys are worth it.’

SurgeonRon and Don Withers were then taken to Mr. Yarov’s impromptu operating theatre where they were given a general anesthetic. Many hours later they awoke, wrapped in bandages, with their anxious mother sitting beside them awaiting the finished result. ‘I hadn’t been allowed to see the operating theatre, or meet any of the other medical staff involved due to ‘health and safety regulations’. But when Mr. Yarov took off the bandages I couldn’t believe my eyes. My boys looked perfect – not a bruise or a scar on them; you’d never think that they’d just been through a major op! I’ve had to sell my house and cash in my pension, but Mr. Yarov deserves every penny if this can help my two boys start a new life.’

Ron and Don Withers seemed bemused by the whole media frenzy around their face swap and said they had only gone along with it ‘to keep their mother happy.’ However Mrs. Withers now faces court action from her ex-husband and the boys’ father, who is appalled at what has happened and is currently raising another half a million to have the two faces swapped back again.

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