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Halloween Party Neither Frightening Nor Fun

There was a disappointment in Guildford, Surrey last night when a much anticipated Halloween fancy dress party failed miserably to be either scary or amusing. Party-goer Steve Wellington had spent the week before carefully pre-paring his ‘serial killer’ costume and looking forward to what he hoped would be a spooky night of drunken entertainment. ‘I had this image in my mind of everyone in outlandish, creative costumes but most people just turned up in their normal clothes with like, a pirate hat or something which they took off anyway.’

Wellington; one of three hockey-masked attendees was also disappointed to discover a dearth of ‘sexy costumes’ such as slinky vampires or hot witches in fishnet stockings. ‘One woman came in a nurse’s costume, but she was actually a paediatric nurse who had just finished her shift.’

Mark Spelling who came as ‘someone from the 80s’ bemoaned a combination of poor music and a lack of new people as the main contributing factor for the boredom. ‘No one was in charge of the music. Once we got to the end of a CD there was a period of silence while whoever was sitting next to the stereo chose what to put on next. Apparently the host had done a special Halloween-themed play list with songs like ‘Thriller’ and ‘Monster Mash’, but it finished before everyone arrived. Without loud music I was forced to talk to the other guests, most of whom I had seen at work that same day and didn’t really have anything to say to.’

Halloween PartyHost Mandy Jones was unsure of the problem; ‘I don’t understand. I thought if everyone was in funny costumes we would have much more fun. All the food had a horror theme, like red jelly with gummy snakes in it. I had fake cobwebs everywhere and a cardboard skeleton on the front door. How could you fail to have a blast? Maybe next time I just won’t build it up in my mind beforehand. Anyway this year’s New Years Party is going to be awesome!’

Phil Smith

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Posted: Nov 1st, 2006 by Guest

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