Cancer victim was neither brave nor well-liked


Family and friends of 37-year-old Jez Coddington, who passed away at the weekend following a brief battle with cancer, spoke last night of their indifference at losing someone they thought of as ‘OK’.

Jez’s ‘best friend’ Dave Fothergill confessed to being ‘not that bothered’ by the loss, saying: ‘I’d known Jez since primary school, but we haven’t really had that much in common for years. I was interested in football, novels, films and stuff, but he was mostly just into Warhammer and internet porn. He was always a bit embarrassing, but when you’ve known someone that long, it’s hard to tell them you don’t want to hang around with them any more.’

Jez’s girlfriend Jennifer expressed similar sentiments: ‘I thought I’d be more upset about it, but it’s a bit of a relief to be honest. I actually thought he was a little bit creepy. We hadn’t been going out all that long when he was diagnosed, and I couldn’t really leave him after that, no matter how much of a pain in the arse he was.’

It is understood that Jez did not deal with his illness in the courageous and inspirational manner demonstrated by celebrities like Roy Castle or Kylie Minogue. ‘He was boring before the illness, and this just gave him something else to be boring about,’ said Jennifer, speaking from the flat of her new boyfriend. ‘I mean cancer’s no picnic, I’m sure. But it just made him even more selfish than before – ‘Oooh I’m ill; make me a sandwich, buy me a Playstation, fetch my porn magazines from under the mattress’.’

In the light of the comments from Jez’s ‘friends’ and family, the vicar giving the eulogy at his funeral has cut out all references to Jez’s heroism and good humour in the face of the killer disease. ‘He didn’t have to do that,’ said Jez’s former girlfriend. ‘I mean no-one’s going to be there anyway.’


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