Scientists discover gullibility gene


Scientists at Cambridge University have identified the gene for gullibility. In a paper published in the journal Nature they explain how the gene causes carriers to believe almost anything they are told, resulting in an increased susceptibility to advertising for pointless products and services.

For years this gene,which is carried by twice as many women as men, has been the Holy Grail of the human genome, provoking particular interest from marketing firms, politicians and estate agents.

‘Our research has discovered that those who carry the gene are almost ten times as likely to buy toiletries containing ‘fructo-hydro-xymicrocellulins’ and aromatherapy ranges of household cleaning products,’ said geneticist Dr Carys Biffon. ‘They are also the people who take out extended warranty on electrical goods and pay one pound a text to answer the deliberately easy multiple-choice question during the ad break on ITV reality shows.’

scientistNow there are concerns among politicians that isolating and removing the gene could cost the world economy billions and billions of dollars, as well as rendering the democratic process completely unworkable. President Bush was said to be reviewing his position on stem cell research.

Dr Biffon went on to explain that the gullibility gene was first identified in dogs, after extended experiments in which researchers pretended to throw a ball but didn’t let go. As the packed press conference ended, one last question was put to the scientist; ‘Dr Biffon, have you really identified a gene for gullibility?’

‘Well – yes,’ she replied, to the surprise of everyone in the room.

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