Police stab heroin needle into wrong man

Police drugs raid

A pilot scheme being run by the Metropolitan Police in which drug addicts are prescribed heroin in order to reduce crime, backfired yesterday when an innocent man was repeatedly injected by police officers.

The incident occurred at Oval underground station in South London, where according to the police version of events the suspicious looking man approached the officers concerned exposing his forearm and tightening a tourniquet as he said ‘I am a drug addict, give me my smack or I’ll commit lots of crimes.’

However independent witnesses have told a very different story. They describe the victim as just an ordinary commuter who had just picked up a free newspaper and swiped his Oyster card. ‘Suddenly five policeman jumped on him, wrestled him to the ground and repeatedly stabbed him using semi-automatic syringes’ said a passer-by. ‘They shouted ‘Take that, smackhead!’ and even when he was completely spaced out and obviously really high, they just kept pumping more and more heroin into him.’

Ian BlairMet Commissioner Sir Ian Blair defended his officers in the front line of the war on drugs and crime; ‘Our policemen only have a split second to decide if a someone is a potential heroin addict or not. If we do not act quickly, that drug addict may wander up to some passengers and ask them for money or go and try and get the coins out of parking meters.’ However Scotland Yard have promised an enquiry and say the officers concerned have since been downgraded to giving out methadone.

The victim, an IT consultant who has never been in trouble with the police later regained consciousness and was reported to be overwhelmed with a need to get another massive dose of heroin. He was last seen robbing someone at knifepoint in order to pay for his new habit.

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