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Top floors being reconverted to traditional lofts

Middle class home-owners are spending tens of thousands of pounds reconverting the top floor of their Victorian homes into traditional dusty lofts with noisy water tank and itchy roof insulation.

The fashion dubbed ‘loft un-conversion’ is understood to be a reaction against the insensitive modernisation of Victorian terraced properties, which has seen builders turning dark and pokey roof spaces into useful spare bedrooms with shower and a sky-light.

‘It’s a tragedy that so many of these lovely old properties have been carelessly modernised with no respect for tradition and period detail,’ said Arabella Fortescue from English Heritage. ‘Fortunately more sensitive home owners are now faithfully restoring the traditional old-fashioned loft, complete with old Christmas decorations, embarrassing school reports and the low wooden beam you always hit your head on.’

Builders in London are charging around thirty thousand pounds to take out the new pine staircase and block out the window while specialist interior designers will add the extra detail such as the broken Amstrad printer and dead starling.’

‘My builders worked started on my top floor on Monday…’ said Ms Fortescue. ‘But I insisted they disappeared at lunchtime to work on another job. Honestly some of these builders have got no respect for tradition.’


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Posted: Dec 3rd, 2006 by NewsBiscuit

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