Google launches ‘YouSnoop’


Google today launched a handy new facility which allows browsers to observe the private lives of any other computer user. Google ‘YouSnoop’ seamlessly combines YouTube, its recently acquired video posting website, with Google Earth, Google Mail and Picasa to reveal images, personal correspondence and much more about unsuspecting strangers.

‘You just double-click the spyglass icon which will appear on YouSnoop and Google Earth will open up and spin round to the exact home you are searching for.’ says Google founder Sergey Brin. ‘Say you want to know what that perfect family from church get up to behind closed doors; you just enter basic details into the YouSnoop search box, and suddenly you can watch them live on your monitor and access all the information on their personal computers. It’s really neat.’

Clicking on the ‘mug’ icon brings up the subject’s name, a picture, personal emails, bank account details, details of favourite pornography websites, and what they said about themselves on discreet online adult ‘friendfinder’ sites. YouSnoop users can rate the private lives of others and share them with friends. A foot-fetishist and secret transvestite from Aberystwyth has already found himself to be an un-witting internet celebrity. Categories on the site include ‘most viewed’, ‘most rated’, ‘most disgusted’ and ‘Snoop of the day’.

Google expects a huge revenue stream from YouSnoop and the company’s shares rose another two per cent on news of the launch. Millions of people have already signed up for the service, eagerly entering a long list of personal details to gain access. Users are already enjoying laughing at embarrassing behaviour of others, leaving comments about appalling décor or dodgy underwear. A surprising number of people are also spending hours watching themselves to see if they get up to anything. However once they find out what Google has on them they generally want it hidden pretty quickly. To get that done, users are offered the opportunity to subscribe to a new service called ‘Google Blackmail.’

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