Infant carol singers booed for ‘being rubbish’


The festive spirit was in short supply in the Arndale Centre, Manchester this weekend when a group of infant school children singing Christmas carols were booed and heckled out of the shopping centre because they were so awful.

Arndale manager Sharon Hastings had thought it would be a nice touch to have local children sing traditional carols to put shoppers in the Christmas mood. So a class of 6-7 years from St Jerome’s Infant School Wythenshawe lined up in front of the big Christmas tree looking ‘sweet and angelic’. Shoppers stopped and smiled and waited for the singing to begin. Unfortunately, the standard was well below what everybody was expecting. ‘Bloody hell, I’ve never heard ‘Away in a Manger’ sung so badly’ said a mother of two. ‘Frankly these kids were shit at singing and eventually we felt compelled to tell them so.’

Some onlookers were prepared to give the young children the benefit of the doubt and waited for the next carol. But ‘Little Donkey’ was an even bigger disaster and soon the crowd began booing and slow handclapping. By the time they got onto ‘Silent Night’, people were shouting ‘I wish it was silent!’, ‘Shut up!’ or ‘You’re shite!’

Arndale CentreOne or two of the children began to cry, but unfortunately this didn’t stop the others from ploughing on with the dreadful singing and eventually security guards came over and told the children and their teacher to ‘sling their hook as they weren’t welcome.’

Their teacher said she was appalled by the behaviour of the shoppers; ‘These children are six and seven years old, and it took enormous courage for them to get up and sing in front of strangers. I can’t believe how heartless and cruel the everyone was. They were right though. The kids really were shit.’

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