External testicles proves ‘unintelligent design’

Jones and Gascoigne

A new campaign against Creationism by athiests is focusing on glaring faults in the construction of the human body, particularly the idea to put the male’s testes on the outside.

‘The religious right are always harping on about so-called ‘Intelligent Design’ but both the irrational and rational response has to be ‘bollocks’,’ said anti- creationism campaigner Sean Duff. ‘Why would anyone intelligent put something as sensitive as testicles in a little sack on the outside? Surely this proves the concept of ‘Unintelligent Design’?

Duff launched his campaign by turning up to a Christian festival in Southampton, handing out full colour leaflets featuring the parts of the human body that proved the stupid design theory. A number of elderly churchgoers were seen holding the pictures upside down to try and make out what was illustrated.

‘What great master plan had hair falling out of your head, but starting to grow hair out of your ears at the same time? What’s so intelligent about blackheads, or dandruff, or vaginal discharges? And as for hair in your bum crack, well I can’t think of anywhere else you’d would want it less.’

This unexpected speech rather mis-judged the mood of the Good News Senior Christians Festival and Mr Duff was asked to leave. When he refused a couple of police officers took him outside, and using a knee, vigorously reinforced Duff’s point about the poor choice of location for the male testes.

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