Jade Goody to be hanged in Iraq


Disgraced Celebrity Big Brother star Jade Goody is to be executed in the Baghdad jail where Saddam Hussain was hanged.

Channel Four and the reality TV show’s producers Endemol have responded to public criticism of Jade’s alleged racism with a surprise one-off revenge special. Goody is to be handed over to the Iraqi security forces for public execution and fans of Big Brother will be able to watch the execution live, as it is broadcast via a mobile phone.

Big Brother viewers can also take part in a text-in competition for the chance to hold the mobile phone that will relay shaky images of Goody’s final moments to the world. Andy Duncan, Channel Four’s Chief Executive, said: ‘It is clear from the screaming hordes that are currently besieging our offices that nothing short of the death penalty will satisfy the public outcry. We see this as a valuable opportunity to broaden the debate from casual racism into capital punishment and beyond.’

British Home Secretary John Reid has refused to intervene, telling journalists: “Frankly, I think that the viewing public is entitled to expect a more balanced world-view from a former Essex dental receptionist. Jade has brought this all on herself.”

Meanwhile sources close to Jade Goody says she welcomes her impending execution as an opportunity to regain the public’s sympathy and possibly make a return in the next series of Celebrity Big Brother.

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