Judge directs scary obsessive towards Wikipedia

Wikipedia man

A slightly creepy loner who has been frightening women in his neighbourhood by hanging around their houses and trying to talk to them about military history and Star Wars has been ordered by a judge to serve his community service on Wikipedia.

Solicitors representing Carl Petersson, from Ipswich, admitted that Carl had always found it very difficult to talk to members of the opposite sex, and had no idea that they might be slightly disturbed by having him wait outside their front doors to recite the fatality statistics at Nagasaki. Now as well as a restraining order, the court instructed that Carl serve his community service by sharing his expertise, writing and editing articles on the online encyclopaedia.

‘‘Wikipedia is perfect for people like Carl’, explained the judge, who had been concerned to learn of the defendant’s increasingly obsessive behaviour. ‘Now he can spend hours and hours doing something useful while his local community is a slightly more comfortable place to be. That’s what’s so wonderful about user generated content sites; it keeps all those fixated males at home with their computers, instead of having them out and about, freaking out the rest of us.’

I’m really enjoying myself,’ said Carl, 44. ‘I’ve expanded the article on the Nazi death camps, and corrected a minor point of fact about the FV 4201 Chieftan tank. Plus I’m communicating with women in a different way now. Although it’s hard to know which of the many people on the Star Wars discussion board are actually female.’

Alex Ingram

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