Charity declares ‘A breadmaker is for life, not just for Christmas’


The plight of thousands of unwanted breadmakers was highlighted today by a charity launched to raise awareness of abandoned kitchen appliances.

The number of unwanted breadmakers traditionally hits crisis level a few weeks after Christmas, but volunteers say the situation is worse than ever this year. New owners unwilling or unable to live with the fun-looking sandwich-toasters, electric vegetable steamers and cappuccino makers that seemed such a good idea before Christmas are simply dumping them a few miles from their homes and then speeding off.

‘The situation is just horrific’ said Pete Dudley, the spokesman for the Royal Society for the Protection of Electrical Kitchen Accessories (Patron, Duchess of Kent). ‘People buy a big breadmaker thinking that they’ll love waking up to the smell of fresh bread every morning, but when they realize that they have to remember to put the flour and yeast and everything in the machine the night before, they give up and lock the poor thing in the garage. Every day our volunteers find hundreds of ice-cream makers tied up in plastic bags by the side of the road. Yesterday I even found an electric juicer dumped in a river with a brick around its neck. What kind of sick freak would do a thing like that?’

In response to the seasonal rise in the number of abandoned kitchen items, the charity announced it is opening a new home for victims of kitchen appliance cruelty. Concerned citizens can adopt a traumatized kitchen appliance, provided they promised to use it at least once a day. ‘Just look at this poor sandwich toaster’ said volunteer Beth Harley; ‘All it wants is a little love, and for its owner to scrape off all the mouldy melted cheese once in a while. It breaks my heart that someone could abandon it in the middle of winter like this. Although I can understand why they’d ditch a George Foreman grill. Those things really are a pain in the arse to clean, aren’t they?’

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