Veteran tomato tin denter retires

After leaving his job as a Tomato Tin denter citing ‘lack of onward opportunities’ and just a touch of RSI, Rob Dee (a.k.a. Red) came to NewsBiscuit via the Submissions Board soon after the launch of the site in September 2006. Around this time he submitted ‘Muslim Veils to Feature Wearer’s Photo’, the story which went on to be voted the best of the year for 2006.

He was one of the handful of writers to respond to a call for the setting up of an on-line writing group that became Team Biscuit, whose collaborative efforts have led to many NewsBiscuit front pages. He subsequently revealed an enormous comic talent for Photoshop and has produced great pics for many stories including:

‘Paisley and McGuinness brought together via miracle of Photoshop’,
‘Town Planners playing Scrabble using Google Earth’
and ‘Second Coming to Be Sponsored by Coca Cola’.

Since his skills far exceeded anything in the NewsBiscuit office, he was persuaded to take responsibility for all the photos on the site which he now does for an annual payment of one NewsBiscuit mug every decade (which is not very much considering he designed those as well). When he is not spending hours sourcing NewsBiscuit pics, he is available to undertake any professional image work for your small business, multi-national corporation or wife’s birthday card… He can be contacted

Here are some other examples of Red’s work, with links to the stories in which they appear:

Bush accedes to bin Laden's demands: America converts to Islam Man dies after surgeon trained by playing operation Russia and Estonia pretending to have computers
US air force launches airstrikes on Ocado  'I'll probably just watch the match in the pub' says McClaren Bill Gates stuns the world with Cardigan 2007
Cameron and Clegg actually same person Surbiton hosts first ever Golf Pride rally Brown kisses Queen's hand; then mouth with tongues
Paperclip from word quits Microsoft for Apple Spiderman captured in giant bath tub Bond super villain, 99, not sure what he's doing in Lidl


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