Young person attends rock concert without attempting to record entire event on mobile phone


Musical history was made this week at the Hammersmith Apollo when a pop fan went to see Lily Allen in concert and kept her mobile phone in her pocket for the entire duration of the show.

While all around her were holding up their camera phones to get a blurred picture of Lily in the distance or were recording the distorted sound of fans singing along, Emma Jenkins opted to simply enjoy the experience in the present moment.

‘I just decided that the sound quality would probably be better on the Lily Allen CD I had at home’ said Emma, 14. ‘And that I could get better photos off the internet, and that the video quality on my little Nokia is on balance not as good as all the stuff on MTV that’s produced by professional video directors.’

Rock journalists believe that the radical stance taken by Emma Jenkins could revolutionize the way fans approach live music. ‘This could herald the beginning of a movement in which people no longer go to gigs solely to record poor quality snippets to enjoy later,’ said Matt Koenig of the NME. ‘People will have to find another reason to go along and see live bands, though don’t ask me what on earth that might be.’

But for the time being Emma Jenkins remains something of a novelty. So much so that half way through Monday’s concert, music fans stopped pointing their phones at the distant stage and started to recording Emma’s strange behaviour to forward to their friends. ‘So I didn’t actually see what she was doing…’ admitted Matt Koenig ‘I was too busy fiddling with my phone, to try and capture the moment for later…’

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