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Last week really did go quickly, scientists find

Last week seemed to go quickly because it actually did, a British astro-physicist has discovered.


The observation was first made by cleaner Madge Davies, from Swansea, who returned home on Friday evening to exclaim to her husband: ‘Oooh, is it the weekend already? My my this week seems to have just flown by.’ Her husband Kenneth, who just happens to be a Professor of Astro Physics at the University of Bath, quickly decided to test her observation.

The Professor explained; “It appears that due to inexplicable planetary forces and irregularities in the earth’s rotation part of Monday evening was skipped, and there is evidence to suggest that Tuesday didn’t actually happen at all, as nobody can actually remember what they were doing or what was on the telly. We’ve done extensive tests and have come to the conclusion that last week really did go quickly, for the simple fact that it wasn’t all there.’

Scientists believe this may not be the first time this has happened. Further analysis and archealogical surveys are being undertaken to see if time did really go more slowly when we were children. Madge Davies also telephoned her husband early this morning to check if it was actually true that she had been standing at the bus stop ‘for ever’. ‘No’ explained the Professor. ‘It was just taking slightly longer than usual.’


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Posted: Mar 17th, 2007 by NewsBiscuit

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