Banksy didn’t draw ‘Naked Lady with Big Bosoms’


A piece of street art thought to have been created by the famous Banksy, was not in fact the work of the cult street artist according to experts from Sotheby’s.

‘Naked Lady with Big Bosoms’ was originally thought to be the latest urban artwork from the elusive graffiti genius and was quickly snapped up for an undisclosed seven figure sum. ‘The image features the image of a naked woman with great emphasis placed upon the breasts and pubic hair. …’ said Marc Casper from the Tate Modern. ‘It is clearly a statement about the objectification of the female body; it has beauty yet sadness, it attracts yet repels. I cannot believe it is not the work of Banksy.’

However art historians are adamant that the work is not genuine and point to witnesses mentioning a twelve year old boy with a spray seen running away from the location just before the ‘new Banksy masterpiece’ was discovered. Banksy, whose cutting edge street art has made his work greatly sought after by top collectors was apparently bemused and a little insulted that the art world thought the drawing might have been done by him.

New York collectors are now seeking authentication of other recent ‘Banksy’ purchases such as ‘Man With Large Nose Looking Over Wall’ and ‘Big Cock with Hairy Balls’.

26 March 2007

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