Bank to introduce ‘near enough’ PIN technology


Barclays Bank has today announced measures to ensure that customers can withdraw cash from machines as long as they get fairly close with their PIN number.

A spokesman for the High Street bank said that ‘A lot of people have trouble remembering their wife’s birthday never mind their PIN number. In future, as long as people get 2 or 3 digits right in approximately the right order we will allow the transaction.’

However there will be a sliding scale of payments. If you get only two digits out of four, you only get half the money requested. If you get three correct you get most of the money and a chance to order a new cheque-book. Failure to get any numbers correct will be met with a helpful response along the lines of ‘Come on, it must be the same number you use for everything – the last four digits of your telephone number or the year you were born.’

Extra allowance is to made for mistakes after closing time on Friday and Saturday nights said Barclays. ‘Customers repeatedly failing to align their forefinger with any of the buttons will still get enough for the night bus home.’


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