Prince Harry to split with Tequila


Following weeks of speculation Buckingham Palace has announced that Prince Harry has split with long-time partner Tequila. The break was said to be amicable and both sides asked that they might be allowed some privacy at this difficult time.

Over the past few years Tequila has been a constant companion for the young royal, despite claims that the glamorous Mexican brought out the worst in him. Rumours that he had slept with Tequila seem to be confirmed when they were snapped lying motionless in a gutter together. But the pressure of always being in the public eye obviously put a strain on the relationship as Harry found himself constantly being expected to walk in a straight line or just stand up.

Some observers think there may be more to the split as Harry has recently been spotted in upper-class nightclubs lovingly clutching a string of other drinks including whisky, champagne and a member of the Guinness family. He has also been photographed with some rather common looking alcopops such as WKD and Smirnoff Ice; a sight which has been greeted with dismay in Royal circles. Constitutional expert Lord St John of Fawsley said ‘in my day cocktails with paper umbrellas were considered a little racy, but for the Queen’s Grandson to consort with alcopops in gaudy clubs is quite beyond the pale.’

After one last night with Tequila, Prince Harry was said to be suffering from a powerful headache, dehydration and intense nausea and asked to be left alone as he swore that he and Tequila were definitely finished. But an anonymous source from Highgrove commented; ‘He always says never again in the morning, but then he remembers all the good times. They’ll be back together before the pubs close.’

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