Man dies after surgeon trained by playing ‘Operation’


Games manufacturer MB games were today taken to court by a newly qualified surgeon over the accuracy of their medical game ‘Operation’. Mr. Martin Clough claims that a man lost his life on his operating table after complications following attempts to remove butterflies from his stomach. ‘The game is completely inaccurate’ said Mr. Clough, ‘by the time we realised his nose wasn’t going to light up and make a buzzing sound, he had lost too much blood.’

This new lawsuit is a blow for games manufacturers, only last week Waddingtons were sued by factory worker Joe Bowen for ‘grossly misleading him on Londons property prices.’ Mr. Bowen, who had received a game of Monopoly for Christmas, had moved to London from Hull, and attempted to purchase a hotel in the Mayfair area for just GBP400. ‘I gave up everything.. my job, my house.. my wife has left me..’ said Mr. Bowen, who was arrested by police after he became hysterical with hotel staff.
Footballers have also complained that they have found playing in the Premiership nothing like they expected following a childhood playing Subbeteo. ‘The ball is smaller than we are. And our manager has given up trying to sign a goalie with a big stick coming out of his back.’

At a press conference a spokesman for MB games, who was hidden behind a large piece of cardboard, denied the company was to blame and stated that they were ‘just games and not real life’. The spokesman was then asked by the gathered press if he had a beard, if he was wearing glasses, if he had black hair, and finally ‘are you Richard?’.


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