Mechanic sacked for failing to patronize woman motorist


A car mechanic working in a side-street garage has been sacked following a complaint by a female motorist that he failed to patronize, mislead or make sexual innuendos to her.

Nicole Hartley had taken her car in for MOT, fully anticipating to be made to feel stupid and uncomfortable; but instead had to put up with the mechanic talking to her about her car’s engine. ‘It was terrible,’ said Ms Hartley, ‘I’ve had anything like that in my whole life. He just talked to me like I was a normal person. He began by saying I had a well-worn bush and I thought ‘ah, here we go, next he’ll mention the nipple and the leaky pump. But no, he explained all about the drive-shaft linkage components. The man’s a weirdo. He freaked me out.’

Andy McGregor, 26, was accused of several other misdemeanours following Miss Hartley’s complaint. His boss discovered that Andy took no sharp intake of breath on examining the vehicle; did not use any smutty innuendo; failed to ask ‘what muppet did you take it to last?’ and failed to address the female customer as ‘luv’ throughout. He also maintained constant eye contact throughout the conversation, missing several key opportunities to stare at the customer’s breasts.

‘To be honest,’ said the garage owner, ‘I had no choice but to give him his notice, he’s really let the lads down, none of them can look him in the face. He didn’t even get her to pay the extra nine hundred quid for a new water basket, yard-arm assembly and two dozen sprocket-winkles. He had to go.’

Mr McGregor is now working as a scaffolder, where he was last seen observing an attractive young woman walking down the street and thinking no more of it.

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