Taxi driver delighted with new one-way road system


Taxi driver Joe Manley revealed that he had taken the trouble to write to his local council and praise the efficiency of a new road layout. Despite appearing to make life more difficult for motorists and blocking up the roads for weeks the 58-year-old was full of praise for city planners and commended their foresight and ingenuity. ‘The new system confuses visitors and locals alike,’ he said, ‘But I’m sure it will soon be accepted and will no doubt ease rush-hour congestion in the long run.’

Joe was also philosophical about the price of diesel, fully understanding the economic factors that drive fuel costs. He described the current duty on fuel and other road taxes as ‘transparent and reasonable’ adding that ‘ that Scottish bloke with the funny eye seems to know what he’s doing, the economy is stable and prosperous.’

Joe also volunteered his view on the immigration issue saying that having new arrivals from Poland driving mini-cabs equipped with a cheap Sat Nav was just the sort of healthy competition he needed to keep him on his toes. Likewise Joe felt that most young people he picked up in the early hours were just out for a bit of a laugh and recalled that ‘we were all young once. I’ve never really had any problems with customers, they all seem pretty polite and respectful.’

However, Joe did become indignant when he realized that his passenger was not in the least bit interested in all these opinions. ‘I have been driving cabs for thirty years, and I’ve never had anyone in the back be anything but fascinated by my take on the world.’


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