Man from Hull offers to keep everyone’s old audio tapes


A fifty-eight year old man from Hull has offered to store any unwanted cassette tapes in his home.

Music fan Alan Farrell fears that the demise of the cassette may cause many people to start throwing out their old pre-recorded and home-made compilation tapes and so he has volunteered to put as many as he can in his loft, spare room and garage.

Farrell plans to store the cassettes along with other media already in his possession, which includes VHS tapes, vinyl records, old music magazines and free DVDs given away with newspapers.
His decision has caused friction in his family with his wife Pam determined to stop the collection growing. ‘Pam is really cross about the idea,’ said his grown-up daughter Emily. ‘She was already fed up with the number of old BETA cassettes and 8 track tapes he’d piled up in the loft without him filling the spare room with complete strangers’ crap as well. I’ve been trying for years to get my husband to chuck out his old floppy discs and the installation CDs for defunct computers but now he thinks he can just take them round to Dad’s house.’

When asked why he felt the need to house all the tapes for the entire population of Great Britain Farrell said ‘These are perfectly good quality cassettes and it seems a shame to just to throw them all away. You could pay 50p for some of these at a car boot sale. Admittedly some are a bit stretched and don’t play very well but that’s just part of their charm. I don’t mind storing them; I’ll definitely get round to listening to them all at some point,’ he said, carrying two more bin-liners worth up to the loft.

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