Courts introduce ‘Guilty Face’ technology


The British judicial process took a controversial step forward today as a new digital evaluation system was unveiled that will determine whether a defendant is guilty or not just by their faces.

It’s long been known that paedophiles and murderers can be identified by simply looking at their photos in newspapers, but it was felt that this process was too subjective, the new software uses advanced facial recognition technology to generate a rating from ‘doesn’t look the type’ to ‘probably did it’. This evidence is then produced by the prosecution in court.

The facial analysis software takes readings of distance between eyes, eyebrow thickness, and evil-looking expression; these values are then processed through a complex algorithm and the criminal is sentenced accordingly.

‘We’re not removing the humanity from the legal process’ stressed the systems designer, ‘we’re adding to it. Before it was all about bits of fluff, fingerprints and other forensic , when guilt was literally staring at us in the face all along.’

Civil liberty campaigners have welcomed the automation of the legal process; ‘You’ve only got to worry if you have, or probably will, do something illegal’ said a spokesman for the Human Rights organisation Liberty. Adding ‘I mean look at this guy; he obviously did it. Just look at the scar.’

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