Spiderman captured in giant bath tub


The world is a more dangerous place today after the Green Goblin finally succeeded in trapping his arch nemesis Spiderman.

After years of terrorising Spiderman’s family and loved ones by thinking up ever-more ingenious ways to defeat him, the Green Goblin finally just left out a giant bath tub. When he woke in the morning, he found the arachnid superhero floundering around in the bottom.

Spiderman was visibly exhausted as he had struggled throughout the night to climb up the ceramic sides of the bath only to slide back down again. The alarm was raised when a seven year old girl was heard screaming that there was ‘a great big spiderman in the bath’. Spiderman nearly drowned after she ran the cold tap for ages in the hope of flushing him away, only to be even more horrified to see him floundering around in the water.

It’s an ignominious end for the action hero who had foiled the Green Goblin’s attempts at world domination on countless occasions. New York chief of police expressed his sadness at this set back in the fight against crime; ‘What can you say about Spiderman? He does whatever a spider can. Unfortunately that does not include getting out of the bath.’ The Green Goblin was last seen flying off to get a sixteen foot tall glass and a twenty foot square piece of card to dispose of Spiderman once and for all.

It is widely being seen as the greatest humiliation for an action superhero since the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were incapacitated by flipping them onto their backs.


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