Birmingham bride ‘gutted’ by death row rejection


Louise Daley, a 32 year old counter clerk for Lloyds TSB, has suffered the ultimate humiliation of being jilted at the altar by her death row fiancé.

Louise had met her intended through a pen-friends charity, and a postal romance had blossomed. But confronted with his wife-to-be just before he was about to be executed, Freddie ‘the Fridge’ Rodriguez decided that he didn’t love her after all and he would rather hold out for ‘that special someone’.

‘I just feel so stupid’ said Louise. ‘I thought I had a chance for love, and it turned out just like that Italian millionaire I met online last year – I’m alone, heartbroken and out of pocket to the tune of several thousand pounds. All I want is a husband. If you can’t find someone willing to commit for the last few minutes before he is executed, what hope is there?’

Having planned her big day carefully to the last detail, including a ‘comical convict’ figure to sit on top of the wedding cake, Louise has been left ‘shattered’ and ‘distraught’. ‘It had all been so romantic. I had written loads of letters, and not on cheap paper either, on some really quality stuff from The Works.’ At first Louise had been a bit shocked to find out why Freddie was known as ‘the Fridge’. ‘But he seemed to feel really bad about the whole thing, and he said he hadn’t even thought about the contents of his deep freeze for days. Anyway when I was six I pulled the legs off a daddy long-legs, so we’ve all got skeletons in the closet.’

Having ignored her family’s advice and undertaken the long haul flight to deepest Kentucky, Louise finally met Freddie at the altar just before he was executed. ‘I thought we had a great connection’ said Louise ‘but obviously I misread the whole thing. When we finally met, Freddie just asked all sorts of questions about my diet and weight. When he found out that I had never been more than a UK size 12, his mood changed. He mumbled something about not being ready for a long term commitment just yet and that was it – I was just left there.’

But Karen isn’t giving up on the one love of her life. ‘I know he said he didn’t love me and now he’s been executed, but I’m not one of life’s quitters. Sometimes you just have to work at a relationship.’

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