Man upset that Ryanair e-mail was ‘not so exclusive’


A Bristol man was left seething with rage at the airline giant Ryanair yesterday after discovering that the e-mails he had been receiving from them as a ‘special customer’ had been sent to millions of others as well.

Jonah Archibald, a married father of two, says he felt like he had been taken in by the intimate nature of the correspondence. ‘I thought that they were being really nice, they were always thinking of me and suggesting places I might like to fly to, in some cases quite close to major cities.’

The confusion came to light when Jonah walked passed a colleague’s desk and noticed a similar e-mail on his computer. ‘I was angry with him at first I thought he had hacked into my account or something. When I realised the full scale of Ryanair’s deception I felt sick. I’ve flown with them maybe once a year for the past three years and it was great comfort to know that they were there for me. I’d started writing back telling them how I was keeping and what my plans were for Christmas. They always wrote pretty regularly telling me about the special offers that nobody else knew about and I guess that you could describe it as a relationship of sorts…if not a friendship.’

A Ryanair spokesman said that it treats all of its customers with equal disdain and if Mr Archibald felt that they were treating him with anything other than contempt then they would launch a full investigation.

A rueful Jonah said ‘ It will make me more cautious about trusting what these companies say now. I thought I was special to them, I guess not. Still at least Tesco still consider me a valued customer on their ‘exclusive shopper’ list, which is nice.’

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