Football referee is ‘hated at home too’

Child reacts to his father

A woman has revealed that her high profile refereeing husband is despised with the same passion by his family as he is by players, coaching staff and fans.

Jean Barclay-Barrington wife of Premiership referee Bill Barclay-Barrington said, ‘I don’t know why he does it. He travels all over the country week after week, he’s hated by players, fans sing songs about his alleged self-abuse and managers have to be restrained from hitting him at most games.’

Most referees shrug off such criticism as part of the job, and are able to forget about the game when they are in the company of friends and loved ones. But Bill is treated exactly the same way when he walks in the front door. His wife and kids boo him and shout obscenities at him every time he comes in the room. ‘If he walks past us on the way to the fridge or whatever, we all try and spit at him, swear and make obscene gestures. Last Christmas we had about fifteen of us over for a big family lunch. We got this really offensive chant about him going. In the end he just went upstairs.’

ref being shouted at at work

Bill’s parents feel exactly the same way. ‘Look we don’t mind the fact that he is a referee, but it’s just that he’s such a tosser too. He was never really even a pleasant kid, I honestly can’t think of one decent thing to say about him. He has a weird slightly look to him and a funny sheen. And he’s smelly.’

Bill finally went to a professional counsellor who was at first very sympathetic and understanding about his family problems. However when he revealed his occupation, she began booing and shouting angrily before inviting her receptionist in to throw coins and bottles of water at him.

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