Labour Deputy Candidate was planted by ‘Faking It’


Labour’s Deputy Leadership debate finally took an interesting turn this week when it was revealed that one of the candidates was actually planted in the competition by the producers of Channel 4 show ‘Faking It’.

Five of the six candidates are genuine senior Labour Party politicians, but one of them is just an ordinary member of the public, and the challenge was on this week for interviewers, political pundits and Labour Party members to try and guess which one.

All the hopefuls recently appeared on a Newsnight special to answer questions submitted by viewers, but Jeremy Paxman failed to spot that one of them was an imposter. ‘Our mystery candidate did fantastically…’ said ‘Faking It’ Coach Peter Mandelson. ‘He or she just kept repeating phrases like ‘ongoing renewal’, ‘rebuilding trust’ and ‘reconnecting with the grass roots’ and you really couldn’t tell the difference. According to internal polls that there is very real chance that Britain’s next deputy Prime Minister will not be a senior politician but a bureau de change cashier from Gatwick Airport.

As well as getting training in charm from Peter Mandelson and integrity from Alistair Campbell, the Faking It hopeful has also been receiving coaching from outgoing Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. However their chances took a slight dip yesterday when the candidate had sex with the diary secretary and then punched a voter in the face.

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