Pensioner sets video recorder


Staff at Sunnymeads Nursing Home in Stafford were still in shock this morning after one of their residents successfully set the video recorder in the communal lounge.

Arthur Wilson, 83, admitted he was more surprised than anyone at what happened. ‘I thought I was warming up my cocoa in the microwave at the time’, he explained. ‘I was staring at this fancy glass box and pressing all the buttons and suddenly there’s all this fuss that I’ve managed something amazing.’

Malcolm Stonebridge, owner of the nursing home said, ‘It came as a great surprise to all the staff when Arthur managed to navigate his way through the Videoplus, delay start and long play/short play options and successfully tape a re-run of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’. Previously the nursing home has normally had to wait until they get a 16 year old on work experience before any of the residents’ electronic equipment operates correctly. ‘Just last year, one of the young lads managed to upgrade the pacemaker of a bedridden 94 year old widow via his bluetooth mobile. Two weeks later, she was giving step aerobics classes at the local gym.’

Mr Wilson appeared as bemused as anyone by his success; ‘I was looking around for where I had put my cocoa and suddenly I saw Clegg and Compo disappearing down a steep hill in a tin bath,’ he chuckled.

However one of the elderly lady residents claimed that the clichéd techno-phobia of all the old men was part of an elaborate cover up. ‘All the old fellahs just pretend not to know how to use all the electrical equipment so the staff have no idea that they are recording ‘Wet Dream Team’ off the Adult Channel. Once ‘Bonercam’ is on, they know how to use the rewind and fast-forward buttons all right.’

An apparently confused Mr Wilson denied this and added that the nursing home computer must have accidentally downloaded video clips from while he was attempting to look at what he thought was the tropical fish tank.

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