Twelve days after unanswered text, woman accepts relationship may be over


An Edinburgh woman has confessed that she fears her relationship with a man she met online, may be over as she has had no response to her text message saying ‘So how are you’ for nearly a fortnight.

Anne-Marie Gordon, a 39-year-old supply teacher, met Alistair through an online dating service. After many e-mails back and forth they arranged a meeting, early last month. Anne-Marie said, ‘We met for a drink, I was really nervous at first, you know how these blind dates can be. We had exchanged pictures, he’d sent one of him skiing in January, I sent one of me taken at my cousin’s wedding in 1995.’

The date, which ended abruptly when Alistair remembered an important appointment that he had ‘totally forgotten about’, gave Anne-Marie butterflies and she sensed a real connection. ‘It was a shame he had to leave, but it seemed important. I stayed for a bit, on my own, dreaming about the chats we would have had if he’d stayed and drank the other three-quarters of his pint. As he left he apologised and promised to stay in touch, well what else would ‘see you around’ mean?

‘I waited a few days for him to call but in the end, I decided to take matters into my own hands and texted him. Just a simple ‘So, how are you?,’ it’s been nearly a fortnight now with no response. He works a lot though so maybe that was to blame, my horoscope didn’t really give me much hope, but one day after buying eight of the daily papers I found a line, in the Gazette’s astrology section that said ‘Somebody you already know may come back into your life,’ I just knew it was a sign.

‘I’ve sat outside his flat, in the car on a couple evenings, well eight to be precise; I thought that if he were to text then it wouldn’t be far for the text to jump to my phone. I see him come and go with a girl who I think must be his sister, and one night his sister’s friend, and then last Friday his sister and her friend. It’s lovely that he cares so much about his family.’

‘I know that we are meant for each other and he knows that too, but there is so much keeping him busy at the moment. I expect he is too absorbed with Big Brother and the Labour Party Deputy Leader election at the moment, but he’ll call, you’ll see, love will find a way.’

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