Man hires Second Life coach


A North London man who had become dissatisfied with how things were going for him in his virtual world of Second Life, has hired a life coach to help him find some meaning and direction in his internet-based alternative reality.

Phil Conrad 33, had initially found that hours spent on Second Life had helped him escape from the problems of his marriage break-up, stalled career and search for direction in his life. At first he seemed to be making new acquaintances online, earning Linden Dollars and developing a whole new successful existence.

‘It was great; my second life persona was doing all the things I never did in reality. Maybe because he was taller, richer and better looking. But recently, my Second Life just seems to have got stuck in a rut. My avatar is unmotivated and indecisive, I can’t seem to stick at anything or focus on my goals. That’s when I started seeing a Second Life coach.’

Every Thursday night at 8pm, Phil has been going online and meeting with his second life coach in the amazing residence he built himself during a more productive period. She helps him set some long term goals and focus on what he wants from the virtual world. Last Thursday however, Phil says his avatar ‘just never got it together’, and ‘stayed in doing nothing’.

‘I got fed up with her’, he explained. ‘Last week she was so full of clichés and platitudes; it was like ‘Second Life is what you make it,’ and ‘you only get out of Second Life as much as you put in.’ She even started going on about this whole other world called First Life, where you had to face up to your problems. She was just like the life coach I used to see in my normal life.’

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