Japanese soldier found hiding in Software License Agreement


An elderly Japanese soldier has finally emerged from where he was hiding from the rest of the world for years in an obscure Software License Agreement.

Yozo Hashimoto looked dishevelled and confused as he emerged blinking into the twenty first century and is now being helped by professional counsellors to come to terms with all the incredible changes of the modern world. ‘The poor guy couldn’t believe that Windows 95 had been superseded, that AltaVista wasn’t the most popular search engine and that you no longer had to listen to that funny dial-up noise when you connected to the Internet.’

During the decades after World War Two, there were a number of incidents of Japanese soldiers discovered living alone in the jungle. Many were discovered by explorers, travelling botanists or scriptwriters on the Dave Allen Show. However it was thought that there were no longer any parts of the world that were completely unexplored or so remote that they were never visited by passing humans. The veteran soldier was apparently discovered by an elderly, rather anxious new computer owner, who saw the software warning ‘Important, Read This Now’ and incredible though it seems, actually read it.

The discovery of Yozo Hashimoto has raised the question of whether there may be more long lost individuals hiding in the more obscure corners of the digital world. Air crash survivors in ‘About BT Yahoo Cribbage’ or castaways still undiscovered in ‘Manage Fonts’ . Two years ago, an escaped convict was finally apprehended after three years hiding in the part of the Limewire software where you opt to sign up and pay for songs instead of nicking them for free.

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