Prison rape jokes ‘not that funny now’ to man facing jail sentence

At the time of his arrest

Jokey Londoner, Al McGregor, has stopped seeing the funny side about the sex habits of prisoners now that he has a prison sentence imminent.

Mr McGregor, 23, an animal right campaigner, was convicted of trespass and criminal damage last month, and is due to sentenced next week. He has already been advised that this offence could lead to a prison sentence of up to sixty days.

A friend of Al’s revealed that during a ‘farewell’ drink, with the lads, Al became withdrawn and pensive. John Hills said, ‘Al was in good humour at first; he seemed to be putting a brave face on. But he got quieter and quieter with every prison joke made. The gags covered all aspects from ‘dropping the soap in the shower’ to ‘ Lester Piggot’s 18-stone cell-mate being the heaviest bloke to ride a Derby winner.’ Eventually he flipped, I think it was the group rendition of banjo playing from that film ‘Deliverance’ that did it, or maybe when one of the lads asked if you could choose whose bitch you would be. He just slammed down his pint and stormed off, he seemed to be quite upset, tearful too. I guess he’s not looking forward to being banged in the slammer… so to speak.’

A direct appeal to the new Home Secretary for a suspended sentance was unsuccessful. The official letter explained that there were insufficient grounds to review his case, with a handwritten P.S. saying ‘Never mind eh? We’ll see if we can get you a flavoured pillow!!’

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