Childhood obesity linked to ‘eating too much’


A study by nutritional scientists at the University of Kentucky has proved conclusively that there is a definite link between obesity in children and the ingesting of large amounts of fatty food, such as cakes, burgers and more cakes.

The findings are proving controversial for some who believe that being excessively overweight was due to either genetic, hormonal or psychological factors. ‘I felt sure my daughter was so huge because of an under active thyroid, or an over active one,’ said Lauren Tonatchwik, mother of 19 stone Tammy, aged six. ‘It never occurred to me that it might be connected to the eight milkshakes and fourteen candy bars she eats a day, inbetween KFC Bargain Buckets.’

The relationship between the eating of the food and the subsequent weight gain is complex, but in essence it appears that the more a child eats the greater the likelihood of them becoming obese. Furthermore, it is claimed that sitting around all day on a sofa watching television seems to do nothing to shift the weight.

One overweight child said, ‘My Mom’s obese, my Pa’s obese, My Grandpa’s obese and my Grandma was obese until she died of a heart attack when she was 48, so don’t go telling me it ain’t got nothing to do with genetics.’

Encouraged by the research scientists at Kentucky University are now looking in to whether a similar link exists in adults, and are feeding a carefully selected sample of willing volunteers dozens of burgers, shakes, donuts and chocolate bars every day. ‘Our plan was to compare their weight gain to all the other people in the state, but it’s still kinda hard to tell them all apart.’

Ivor Baddiel

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