Dalek starred in hard-core porn movie


The BBC is today reviewing the contract of a Dalek from the its flagship Doctor Who series, after a tabloid exposed his role in an illegal hardcore porn movie.

Dalek Khan appeared in the German-made ‘Come Plunge With Me’ which was released in the mid-90s. In the short low-budget movie, Khan is type-cast as an ordinary guy who has got a job delivering pizza. The attractive lady who ordered the food answers the door in skimpy clothes, invites the delivery-Dalek in and then they have sex. Then for no apparent reason other naked women and more Daleks turn up. The director remembers ‘It was a bloody nightmare to film. Every time she gasped ‘Does the pizza come with extra sausage?’ he would add-lib ‘Exterminate! Exterminate!’ and try and zap her with his sink plunger. I never employed him again after that.’

Khan’s agent explained ‘Times were hard before the BBC revived Doctor Who, and Khan had to take whatever work was available. But he is not ashamed of his body. He believes that a Dalek’s conical-shaped shell on little wheels is a beautiful thing, and he is proud to have shown his versatility as an actor.’

When Doctor Who was cancelled in 1989, Khan’s world fell apart. He struggled to find work, failing to land the part of Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music for ‘looking too-daleky’ and narrowly missing out on a part in ‘The Thirty Nine Steps’, because he couldn’t go up the stairs.

In an emotional outburst on Parkinson he claimed ‘I am a classically trained actor. I can do comedy, musicals and I can do Shakespeare – Look; ‘What light from yonder window breaks? IT IS THE DOCTOR! HE WILL BE DESTROYED!’

The BBC have so far declined to comment on whether Khan will be returning to its popular sci-fi show. They also denied claims that Khan only got his original part in the show because the young Dalek agreed to sleep with the producer Julian Rhys-Farquarson back in the 1960s.


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