Apple iPhone can’t make or receive basic voice calls


Apple are facing a massive recall operation after it was revealed that after packing so much impressive technology into their new iPhone, they omitted to add a ‘phone’ function to the otherwise impressive gadget.

‘Sure, it’s a slip up all right, but not a huge one’ admitted Steve Jobs, ‘I guess that we got so carried away with the state-of-the-art software, functions and interface that we’ve forgot it was supposed to be a phone above all else.’

The launch of the much-hyped device saw many friendless enthusiasts queue for days to be the first people to get hold of the gadget. ‘Most normal people who were not social outcasts would just wait a few days until they became more widely available ‘ commented one passer-by. ‘Who are they going to show it to? All they will do is go home and blog about it or visit some forum for geeks and use the word ‘cool’ a lot.’

Ironically, it is this lack of ‘real-life social interaction’ amongst the initial purchasers of iPhone, that meant the omission was not discovered for over a week after the launch. It appears that it wasn’t until a woman in Austin, Texas tried to call her 15-year-old son on his new toy that the mistake came to light.’

Mr Jobs continued, ‘In our defence you can check your email, text, send picture and movie files, browse the web and many more things beside, talking is so ‘yesterday’s technology’ anyway. But if people want to be picky we’ll exchange them.’

The problem has not affected a number of middle aged parents who have were persuaded to buy the device by their teenage children and will continue to use it mainly as a paperweight.

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