Sex with wife’s sister ‘not up to the standard that fantasy had implied’


A Belfast man has today revealed that, after months of flirting, innuendo and suggestive texting, the sexual encounter he had with Sylvia, younger sister of his wife Ruth was, ‘a bit of a let down in the end.’

Joe Carter, 34, who has been married to Ruth, 33 for eight years said, ‘it had been simmering for months, the tension was really exciting. I had played the moment over and over in my head, by the time we got around to it I guess that I had just built it up too much.’

Mr Carter said that the attraction started after a bit of drunken fun at Christmas time. Both he and Sylvia, who is also married, made suggestive comments to each other while queuing for the bathroom at a party. ‘I can’t remember specifically what was said but it certainly sparked something. It was a real torture for a while, but when I heard her husband was away, I went round there and we ended up in bed.’

After the event Joe lamented that it was all very ‘samey’ with no fireworks at all. ‘Don’t get me wrong it was mechanically satisfying but just not quite as passionate and explosive as the fantasy had promised. They are similar in age, looks and build so I’m not really sure what I expected to be so unique. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she’d asked me if I’d remembered to check the kids’ homework half way through.’

Joe’s wife found out about the affair and it not only destroyed his marriage but shattered his wife’s family too. ‘Their mother came round, really angry with me, shouting and screaming, and I’d always thought she was a good looking woman. I made a slightly forward suggestion and she just got madder with me. It’s funny, you never know which way these things are going to go…’

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