Office ‘nutter’ did actually have serious mental health problems


An office worker from Manchester has finally been sectioned under the Mental Health Act after desperate pleas to his workmates went ignored or were greeted with a long-suffering chuckle about what a ‘complete nutter’ he was.

Greg Carrick, 31, had been working at an insurance assessors for five years and regularly attempted to alert his colleagues about his concerns for his own sanity. ‘Oh, yeah, Greg was always telling us how mad he was!’ laughed Carrie Hooper who worked alongside him. ‘He was like the office loony, who was always making us laugh with all the mental things he did!’

One example that a number of Greg’s office colleagues cited with a nostalgic chuckle was the Christmas Party. At a time when a number of employees were consuming far too much sparkling wine, Greg went one better and downed a massive overdose of sleeping tablets and assorted tranquilizers. ‘We had to rush him to hospital to get his stomach pumped – but that’s Greg for you! Completely bonkers!’

On Comic Relief day Mr Carrick spent four hours standing on the window ledge of the fourteenth floor, threatening to jump. Down at street level, the police and fire brigade rushed to the scene, but when Greg’s colleagues shook their collection tins and explained it was all for charity, the emergency services made a donation and were soon on their way. ‘We’ve got a nutter like back at the station’ chuckled one policeman, ‘he’ll do anything for a laugh!’

The situation reached a climax last Friday when a number of the office staff went for a drink after work and ‘probably had one too many,’ admitted Mr Carrick’s supervisor. ‘And you’ll never guess what Mad Greg did. He only went and set fire to a number of public buildings claiming that God had told him to do so! He’s a bloody head-case, he is, he ought to be locked up!!’

In fact Mr Carrick has now been locked up; he was taken into care by his local social service department over the weekend and is now secure residential unit. His workmates have sent him the little placard for him to put up above his bench in the hospital workshop. It says; ‘You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps.’

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