Father of child prodigy admits his son ‘probably deserves to be bullied’


The father of 9-year-old maths prodigy Liam Harvey has admitted that he and his wife are ‘not really surprised’ that their son was suffering at the hands of bullies at school.

Dave Harvey and his wife Jacqueline, both 36, have confessed that they are getting sick and tired of their son Liam’s attitude. Liam, who passed his Maths A-level at age seven and reached concert pianist levels by age eight, is dismissive of his less intelligent siblings and friends, often referring to them as ‘mere mortals’. Even Liam’s paternal Grandmother describes him as a ‘specky little pain in the arse’.

Dave, a joiner, left school with no qualifications and has found that his own friends have been quick to mock with one claiming; ‘His missus must have had a fling with that Stephen Hawking or something’, which prompted Dave to quip; ‘If he was good at sport you’d be proud, but he seems to have inherited Hawking’s football skills, too.’

The constant belittling by his son has started to irk Dave, who said; ‘He’s a patronising little git at times, to be honest. Have you any idea how embarrassing it is to have your past and present tenses corrected by a pasty-faced 9-year-old in front of your mates? What the hell’s a split infinitive anyway? Of course he’s going to get bullied at school, I’d be surprised if he wasn’t. It was hard to take at first but after a while we just stopped caring when he came home with ‘freak’ written on his back in chalk.’

The Harveys’ two eldest children have had no problems fitting in at the school, so they concluded that the problem was with Liam and not the school or the other pupils, who Dave felt were ‘just behaving normally for children that age’. However, feeling he had to make a token complaint, he set up a meeting with Liam’s tutor to discuss the matter. During the meeting with Shelly Magee, a teacher who specialises in gifted children it became apparent that Liam wasn’t popular with staff either. Ms Magee described him as ‘difficult’ and ‘trying’ saying ‘normally you take into account that they’re only children, but Liam’s just a hateful little brat.’

Dave revealed that on the way to school one morning Liam calculated that the traffic lights would run 15% more efficiently if the Western approach lights were green for five seconds longer, saying; ‘I mean who gives a shit? He’s not so clever when I ask him to choose the lottery numbers. I’m thinking of breaking his glasses and stealing his lunch money on the way to school myself… send him in ‘pre-bullied’ if you like. If someone’s going to have a go at him it may as well be me.’

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