Commission for Racial Equality rules ‘it’s not racist to find Lenny Henry unfunny’


A landmark ruling by the Commission for Racial Equality has brought enormous relief to thousands of white liberals who had felt guilty and embarrassed at their inability to laugh at Lenny Henry.

For years the former Tiswas star has flown the flag for Britain’s black community with comedy series such as The Lenny Henry Show and Lenny Henry in Pieces. However despite their best efforts a large number of viewers have found themselves unable to laugh at his comic sketches and routines, leading to a deep-seated anxiety that they might have latent racist tendencies.

However, in an official report published this week, the Commission for Racial Equality has declared that it is officially non-racist for any person to find comedian Lenny Henry un-funny. ‘It’s nothing to do with him being black’ said a spokesman for the CRE. ‘We don’t find him very funny either.’

‘This is a big blow for Lenny,’ said his agent. ‘As his last sketch series was a bit of a turkey, he was sort of relying on the race thing to pull him through. Even if they didn’t think he was hilarious we were hoping that he might pass for a bit entertaining or quaint. Now that his suggestion for Comic Relief become a monthly event has been turned down by the BBC, it’s difficult to see where we go next with Lenny’s career.’

A spokesperson for the CRE stated that ‘the discomfort felt in the wake of the Big Brother incident, coupled with the fact that black comedy is somewhat under-represented on British television, meant that many people were understandably reluctant to air their views on Lenny Henry. ‘Anyway we all love Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy said a spokesman for the Anti-Racism organization. ‘It’s a shame they are bloody yanks.’


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