Microsoft receive first ever Error Report


There were scenes of jubilation at the headquarters of Mircrosoft in Richmond, Washington yesterday, when the first Microsoft user clicked on the ‘send’ button after reading the Error Message.

Norman Windlesham’s version of Word on Windows XP had been running trouble-free for nearly two hours when it unexpectedly froze, losing a short article about Edward the Second that he had been writing for an amateur history magazine.

‘Just out of curiosity I clicked on the ‘Send Error Report’ icon rather ‘Don’t Send’ like I normally do,’ said Mr Windlesham from his home in Purley. ‘But I never expected to hear back from them. Imagine my excitement when I got a message back almost instantly from Bill Gates himself. I was absolutely delighted!’ The message reads: ‘Thank God there’s someone out there! For the last ten years we thought everyone was deliberately ignoring us! Stay there – don’t move!’

A crack squad of six highly-trained XPerts ™ was immediately dispatched, arriving at Mr Windlesham’s house the following day, only to find that Mr Windlesham had turned his PC off and then on again, and the problem seemed to have gone away. ‘They looked very disappointed. Especially when I said I was thinking of getting an iBook anyway.’

The Hit Squad

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